About Us

The Palmetto South Carolina history club was established a few years back with the intention to preserve ancient documents and record important events of the region. For the past few years the club has gained immense popularity for shedding a significant amount of light on the history of all the different battles which were seen by the city.


As most of you might know that the state got its the nickname Palmetto due to one of the most ancient tree of the region which is also the symbol of its official seal. The tree is also a part of the state flag. Apart from going through the Revolutionary War, South Carolina was also engaged in the Civil War which started in 1861.

It is said that Francis Marion and his men would take advantage of the swamp land of the region and attack British troops out in surprise. This eventually lead to the British forces withdraw themselves from Charleston. After all these years Palmetto South Carolina now thrives as one of the most popular tourist spots of America.

It is full of beautiful sandy beaches and islands which makes it for the perfect summer holiday destination. In case you want to know more about the history of the region you can get in touch with us through the details given on the website

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